Quest was born through the vision of the company to be on a constant quest to improve business relations, expand our playing field, provide for our employees opportunities to grow, to play a role in the social development of the countries that we do business in and above all to offer our customers a brand and service like no other oil company – big or small; can offer them.

The Slogan

“We drive you” stems from our motto “Whatever it takes – be the best” and this sums up the way we as a company look at our customers – nothing is to big or too small to make sure it gets done properly. We as a company need to constantly “drive” our quest to make sure our customers get the best possible service and products and by doing so Quest also drives our customers. Both or name and slogan illustrate show the company’s commitment to constant improvement in all sectors of our business.

Quest & You

The public will get into contact with Quest through retail sites or various distributor outlets. Quest develop and build new sites to specification or re-brand existing sites for the purpose of on-selling fuel and oil products directly to end-users, The Quest retail sites offer their own convenience shop and related facilities to make filling up with fuel, pumping a tire or just stopping for a snack on the road a more pleasurable experience for the motorist. You will recognize our sites by the red canopy with the letter “Q” on it.

Quest & Your Business

This part of our business entails Quest supplying fuel and oil and/or equipment to bulk users (5000 Lt + for fuel and 20 Lt + for oil), like transport, construction, mining, marine etc. industry. This is achieved through an expensive network of agents; distributors and transport to ensure the customer get the product that they require on time and with the least possible effort.

Quest will give the potential client a competitive quotation to supply his business with bulk fuel or oil and get the client in contact with their local agent or distributor. “White” filling stations also fall into this category and can feel free to contact us for a quotation.

Quest can also supply these customers with all the necessary legal requirements and equipment for them to be able to cash in on the saving of purchasing fuel and oil in bulk, in stead of the conventional “retail station” way.

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