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Lead Replacement Petrol 93 & 95

Quest’s Lead Replacement Petrol (LRP) is of high quality, is technically advanced and it improves the cleanliness of the vehicle’s engine. As with the Unleaded Petrol, we make sure that the Lead Replacement Petrol is seasonally controlled so that the vehicle can benefit from easy start up and zero vapour-lock.

Both these grades of Lead Replacement Petrol consist of an additive pack. The function of this is to ensure top quality oxidation stability, keep the engines clean and also to prevent gum formation when in storage.

Each grade of Quest LRP is to be used at the following altitudes:

  • Quest Petroleum LRP 93 is suitable for use at altitudes of 1200 metres and above.
  • Quest Petroleum LRP 95 is suitable for use at altitudes that are below 1200 metres.


Quest Petroleum Lead Replacement Petrol is typically used in two and four cycle engines, air and water cooled and found in older vehicles which include passenger, buses, trucks, motorcycles, marine engines and more.

The benefits of using Quest Petroleum Lead Replacement Petrol are plenty. Read more about our benefits here

Quest Petroleum distribute Lead Replacement Petrol throughout South Africa.


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