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Tier 2 Station

Choose between our tier 1, 2 or 3 Quest stations. Read more about the signage application requirements for our Tier 2 Stations:



“I” Beam

  • 2 sets of flat cut-out or fabricated letters affixed to the red canopy.
  • Keyline lighting.
  • 7 metre Pylon: The Quest Fuel logo to be applied only to the pylon.
  • Option of flag Pylon, at an additional charge.
  • Bent up ACM joined with an aluminium channel cladded to existing “I” beams.
  • The beams are sprayed red and the joins to be sprayed white.


Pump Decal

Spreader Box

Monument Sign

  • The pump decals need to be applied to the pump bodies on both sides.
  • The decals on the pump bodies are red and grey in colour.
  • The decals are custom-made to match the pump bodies which they’re on.
  • All prints needs to have a protective layer of vinyl.
  • Light-boxes on the “I” beams need to be 1000mm x 1500 mm in size.
  • They are double-sided and illuminated.
  • The rounded face is optional.
  • A vinyl layer to be added to the Perspex faces for protection against elements.
  • The double-sided illuminated light-boxes are a requirement.
  • The Perspex must be covered with clear vinyl for protection of the digital prints.
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