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Unleaded Petrol 93 & 95

Quest’s Unleaded Petrol (ULP) is of the highest quality and is technically advanced, incorporating multifunctional deposit control for improved performance of your vehicle’s engine.

ULP 95 is predominantly available to drivers along the coast, however some inland outlets will have access to ULP 93 and ULP 95.

We make sure that the volatile petrol is seasonally controlled to ensure easy starting, rapid warm-up and absence of vapour-lock.

Both of these grades of petrol are formulated with an additive pack which ensures anti-knock, excellent oxidation stability and clean engines. It’s important to note that each grade is best used at the following altitudes:

  • Quest Petroleum ULP 93 is best used at altitudes including and above 1200 metres.
  • Quest Petroleum ULP 95 is best used at altitude below 1200 metres.


Quest Unleaded Petrol is suitable to use in all spark-ignition internal combustion engines which are required to use Unleaded Petrol. This petrol is suitable for newer passenger cars, trucks, buses, outboard and inboard marine engines, motorcycles, and mobile, portable and stationary power plants. It is also used in air and water cooled; and two and four cycle engines.

Unleaded Petrol is also recommended for later model vehicles with electronic engine management systems and emission control devices such as catalytic converters and oxygen sensors.


The benefits of using Quest Unleaded Petrol include the feature of additives, which will clean and maintain the fuel intake system components, such as ports, fuel injectors, manifolds and intake valves.

Other benefits also include:

  • A smoother running engine.
  • Reduction in maintenance and prolonged engine life.
  • Reduction in spark plug fouling.
  • Improvement of power and driveability.
  • Maximum power and economy ensured.
  • Reduction in exhaust emissions.
  • Quick and easy starting, fast warm up and rapid acceleration.
  • Excellent intake manifold, carburettor system and fuel injection component cleanliness.

At Quest Petroleum, we are proud to be Unleaded Petrol 93 and 95 distributors and wholesalers.


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